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Structure: Adding value to structure activities
r_d Production Investissement Structure

Structure activities have 3 main differences with production activities:
- they are more heterogeneous,
- they seem to be not constrained by a process or a flow,
- most of the time, the Standard or Nominal Status is not defined.

SIRIS has developed specific approaches to add value to structure activities.
The key is to organise them like a factory: finalities, processes, indicators, continuous improvement, …

How to increase the performance of your structure? Make repeatable all what you can

How to increase the performance of your structure? Make repeatable all what you can

Client :
A global company facing severe competition and high structure costs

. 40% reduction of all costs of the Human Resources Department (1800 people):
   - headquarters,
   - industrial sites,
   - subsidiaries.

Resources used:
. 2 SIRIS consultants during 1 year,
. One part-time project manager,
. 10 % of the HR Top Management’s time.

. In 8 months, 34% reduction achieved, and a new target set at 42% in 18 months.

Key contributors to success:
. “Top/down” definition of precise missions and finalities,
. The involvement of one top level project manager,
. A quick ownership from all Management team after the choice of relevant samples to perform RVA/NVA analysis (see: our methods).

Des resultats pérennes
SIRIS Consultant
“SIRIS’s results are not only real and solid, but also built to last. They are reachable by winning the management teams ownership over to our methods and the identified needs.“
Des outils adaptées aux nouveaux challanges
Antoine KLEIN
SIRIS Vice General Manager

“Our progression shows that SIRIS has the required people and tools to face the new challenges of the industry : performance of development and structure activities; operations all over the world (including countries where until now competitiveness was based on low wages).”
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