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R&D : Improving the efficiency of R&D activities
r_d Production Investment Structure

SIRIS’s expertise for research & development activities relies on the very same key concepts as for production processes.

The -only- significant difference is that we aim at achieving the repeatability of the processes and not the repeatability of the product.
The repeatability of the development processes will strengthen the capacity of the company to launch innovative products.

The concepts of PERFORMANCE & REPEATABILITY fully apply to development activities.

Case Study: Automotive Field

A leader in the car industry with whom we have been working since the set-up of SIRIS in 1990.

. Strengthen product mix: Launch more cars to meet customers needs (SUV, cross-overs, B1 segment, …),
. To control costs in an extremely competitive market.

Objectives :
. Achieve 4 extra projects within 2 years:
  - in regards with current launching plan,
  - using the same amount of resources.
     = 15% productivity gain.

Perimeter :
All development activities (more than 10 000 people):
. All along the development cycle:
  - definition & conception of both product & process,
    validation & integration.
. Including all crossed activities:
  - Procurement / Human Resources / Quality / Logistics.

Resources :
. 78 pilots trained to roll out and maintain the methodology within the company.
. 10 SIRIS consultants required when launching the project. This number decreased gradually as the client’s pilots got trained.

Results :
After the 2/3 of the project, results are consistent with the targeted trajectory. We are carrying out our support until full results are achieved. These results will be sustainable as they are integrated into the budgets.

Une méthode que s'approprient nos clients
"Our business had been through a phase of rapid expansion, with new plants and lots of new employees. We knew we had good people, but our key managers were thinly spread, and the inexperience of our new employees was showing. Siris helped us to reintroduce and support better operating practices, helped our employees to identify and complete critical actions, and moved us from fire fighting to continuous improvement.
We continue to use Siris to help us with new developments and with the introduction of new processes in our worldwide operations."

Managing Director European region
We are not cost killers
SIRIS Consultant

“We are not cost killers, but NVA killers. NVA means No Value Added. Reducing all costs (including both Real Value Added & No Value Added) is bound to harm the quality, the cost of the product and the lead time of the project.

That’s why we need to breakdown the RVA and the NVA activities:
- to act firmly on NVA
- to give the teams the opportunity to focus their work on RVA and improve the quality of the final product."

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