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Production: Helping a factory to overcome a performance step
r_d Production Investissement Structure

For nearly 20 years and with a continuous update of its methodologies & practices, SIRIS has assisted prestigious partners by creating an actual performance culture within their Management team.

We go beyond the classical optimisation methods (TPM, Lean manufacturing, 6 Sigma, Kaizen, etc…) by integrating all needs: organisation, management, methods, skills, quality and the lay-out of the equipment, industrial relations.

Excellence means consistently acting on every parameter at the same time

Case Study : Food Industry

The leader of dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt, desert) in an emerging country (35% of market share).

The consumption of dairy products per inhabitant in this country is 10 times less than the western consumption. To gain new market shares, our client needs:
- to improve the quality of its products while decreasing the costs to attract new consumers,
- to free up production capacity to face an increase of volumes.

Objectives :
. To increase by 50% the efficiency of factories and therefore their capacity,
. To decrease by 50% consumer complaints,
. To improve the service level by 20%.

Not only the factories, but also the other departments that have a strong impact on production: Marketing, Development, Purchasing, Human Resources, Logistics, Finance & Communication.

Action Plan:
. To implement procedures to ensure the Repeatability of the operations.
. To reorganise structure and shift pattern.
. To implement continuous improvement routines.
. To optimise recipes & packaging materials.
. To define a robust process for new products launching.

This action plan was first implemented on a show case before rolling out to the whole factory.

. 1 full-time SIRIS consultant for 2 years (until all results were achieved).
. No specific resources were requested to the client. We work with the existing Management and give it the keys to improve performance.

. First step of performance cleared. We are currently tackling the next step with more ambitious targets.

Our vision of the “performance”
SIRIS Consultant
“The SIRIS’s concept of performance includes all KPIs (Key Performance Indicators): efficiency, productivity, quality, service level, losses, costs, accidents, and even quality of industrial relations.”
We get the ownership of all players
SIRIS Consultant

“The ownership of the teams to the methodologies and to the targets is one of the keys for success. Our approach engages and federates both shop floor players & managers.

We strongly involve the Human Resources Direction in our assignments to fully take into account the industrial relations.”

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