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Industry means being Repeatable

SIRIS Partenaires has an extensive experience of industrial activities. This experience has enabled us to develop an original and relevant view of the industry.

The industrial performance relies on 2 factors :
- an in depth understanding of the business and the needs to be fulfilled,
- the ability to REPEAT the answer to these needs.

A cibles visées équivalentes, c'est la qualité de définition et d'exécution de la trajectoire qui fait la différence.

We strongly confess to be industrial.

Industry means to repeat. To reach high levels of performance, you need to repeat the answer to your business needs and to bring this repeatability to its limit.
A company’s competitive advantage is built from:
- a precise description of the business needs,
- a consistent definition of the progress actions,
- and an efficient implementation of these actions.

Why has Toyota become number 1 in the world?

2007 is a key date in the automotive business history: Toyota has taken over the global leadership. When talking about industrial performance, it is common to praise Japanese methodologies, of which a great number come from Toyota. The rigor in these methodologies is obviously a significant reason that explains the extraordinary success of Toyota. However, according to us, the true keys of this success are other:

A strategy built to meet the key needs

For decades, Toyota’s Board has kept a fixed order in its priorities : 1. The customer, 2. The company, 3. The shareholder. In a time when shareholder is king, this order of priorities is quite daring… However, is there any better way to maintain at the core of the company an in depth understanding of the needs the company decides to fulfil? This understanding is a key to concentrate all energies on what is relevant for the business and then to achieve high industrial performance.

An organisation built to guarantee the repeatability

Automotive industry is a very demanding business. It is quite striking to observe that the global car manufacturer leader today is also the youngest. This is not a fruit of chance: since its beginning in the business, Toyota has established repeatability as a key value. Everything at Toyota is then organised around this value.

These values which make the most spectacular successes are also ours. We use them every day with our clients to assist them in the realisation of their own tough challenges.

Our clients say about us:
Ashley WAUGH
CEO National Food Ltd
“We all knew that our plant could perform better, but we were struggling to break the mould of our own thinking.  SIRIS has assisted us to challenge our thinking, to break the mould and to keep driving for improved efficiency, productivity and overall cost improvements.
Our initial results were encouraging, but we then hit a plateau, and once again, SIRIS have been instrumental in forcing our thinking beyond what we would have set as targets on our own.
We still have a long way to go on this journey, and SIRIS will remain our working partner assisting us to achieve breakthrough performance levels within our business.”
We bring more than methods
SIRIS Consultant
“We bring more than methods. We challenge our clients’ industrial strategy and we identify together the
actual needs to ensure an efficient implementation of this strategy.”
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