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We offer original and powerful methods adapted to a broad range of needs

SIRIS Partenaires has developed breakthrough methodologies from its extensive worldwide experience in all industrial fields.

However, to make sure we meet the actual needs of our clients, we stay away from the on-shelf methods and we design customised solutions with our clients.
The successful implementation of these solutions is then guaranteed by :
- the definition and the implementation of a robust management framework,
- our ability to anticipate and correct deviations from the targeted trajectory,
- our pugnacity and our leadership drive.

The true challenge is not to improve the performance, but to maintain a state of the art performance.

La méthodologie des leaders

Most of current “Lean” methods are based on a benchmarking approach, that is to say a relative positioning compared to competitors. The targets are then set out of the leader performance.

This relative positioning is often useful, but it has some shortcomings that can significantly impact the correct implementation of an improvement process:

SIRIS has strongly innovated with the development of breakthrough methods that allow a thinking in absolute value in regards to the state of art. This positioning in absolute value overcomes the shortcomings of benchmarking approaches:

This is THE methodology of leaders.

The RVA/NVA (Real Value Added / No Value Added) methodology developed by SIRIS gives an absolute value of performance regarding the state of the art.

A method owned by our clients
“ In a highly competitive worldwide context, PSA Peugeot Citroën has to improve effectiveness and performance to develop products and processes. The RVA/ NVA approach, proposed by SIRIS, is a very robust method, chosen by PSA in order to progress. They have worked in partnership with SIRIS, and now, the approach launched with SIRIS support is proved and is one of the tools used for improving effectiveness.
This is a shop floor approach, led by Operations, which allows the building a concrete action plan with quantified targets. This action plan allows increasing effectiveness and thus a positive improvement in productivities.
A results oriented method
SIRIS Consultant
SIRIS’s methodology is striking and powerful: the stakes highlighted can frighten.
It is therefore necessary to stress on the ownership of the client to the method.”
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