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SIRIS Partenaires builds along with its clients a complete, precise and clear vision of:
- the nature and amount of changes required to achieve the client’s strategic objectives,
- the required action plan to successfully implement these changes
addressing all burdens,
acting on all performance factors: organisation, management, methods, skills, quality of the equipment and its planning, industrial relations.

We also assist our clients in the field to fully implement the progress action plan until all expected targets and savings are reached. This field assistance participates in the building of a strong ownership of our methodology from our client’s staff and management. Ownership is a key to maintain the upgraded performance in the long-term, after the end of the SIRIS’s assistance. 

Benefit for our clients: a return on investment always above 700 % for the whole project

Our fields of expertise :

  • Optimisation of development lead time
  • Productivity
  • Reduction of non recurrent costs
  • Quality management
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  • Global efficiency of equipment
  • Quality control
  • Waste reduction
  • Productivity
  • Optimisation of logistic streams
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  • Definition of specifications consistently with strict actual needs
  • Challenge of the suppliers’ answer
  • Project organisation and management
  • Sucessful ramp-up
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  • Performance of support functions: maintenance, quality, planning, logistics, accounting, HR, …
  • Optimisation of resources while improving the service level
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Ressources humaines et gestion sociale des changements, expertise clef opur tous ces domaines de compétences
Our sectors
- Automotive, Aerospace, Shipyard
- Food
- Luxury
- Health
- Building Materials
- Steel
- Chemistry
- Equipment goods
- Services

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Our clients experiences
“Our business had been through a phase of rapid expansion, with new plants and lots of new employees. We knew we had good people, but our key managers were thinly spread, and the inexperience of our new employees was showing. Siris helped us to reintroduce and support better operating practices, helped our employees to identify and complete critical actions, and moved us from fire fighting to continuous improvement.
We continue to use Siris to help us with new developments and with the introduction of new processes in our worldwide operations.”
Managing Director,
European region
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