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LEAN is topical actuality. SIRIS brings you more

To refine the system is not enough and experience demonstrates that “Excellence” cannot come only from continuous improvement.

With SIRIS, you’ll begin to identify the specific needs of the site, particularly the initial level of performance, in order to define a target to be reached and the dedicated path to reach it.

There are not two similar paths, even if all the LEAN’s tools are usable everywhere.

The progression is built by successive steps. SIRIS will give support to pass them with proven results better than by only applying LEAN methodologies.

In addition to behavior and attitude improvement as described by LEAN, SIRIS proposes:

Knowledge transfer, especially about “working by pulling”,

Coaching of the management, particularly on intermediate management,

in order to ensure evolution in ways of thinking needed for perpetuating change.

The LEAN house

Specific needs -> target -> specific path -> transfer and coaching -> very high results

A method owned by our clients
“ “ In a highly competitive worldwide context, PSA Peugeot Citroën has to improve effectiveness and performance to develop products and processes. The RVA/ NVA approach, proposed by SIRIS, is a very robust method, chosen by PSA in order to progress. They have worked in partnership with SIRIS, and now, the approach launched with SIRIS support is proved and is one of the tools used for improving effectiveness.
This is a shop floor approach, led by Operations, which allows the building a concrete action plan with quantified targets. This action plan allows increasing effectiveness and thus a positive improvement in productivities.
A results oriented method
SIRIS Consultant
SIRIS’s methodology is striking and powerful: the stakes highlighted can frighten.
It is therefore necessary to stress on the ownership of the client to the method.”
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