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Investment : optimising design of new equipments and ensuring an efficient start-up
r_d Production Investissement Structure

SIRIS offers general assistance to design / buy / build / start-up new facilities.

We act over all the investment process:
- to define the strict requirements,
- to consistently meet these requirements,
- to prepare an efficient start-up.

Savings can be achieved:
- not only on capex,
- but also on non depreciable costs (start-up costs, resources).

Achieving the targeted performance right at the start-up

Case Study : Food Industry

Client :
A leading dairy products company in South Europe.

Scope of the project: to build a new state of the art factory next to an existing one that had become too small.

Objectives :
To transfer current production from the existing factory to the new factory,
To launch at the same time a full new range of products,
To double the production volumes with the same workforce,
To optimise project capex by 20% vs previous project,
To start-up on time (without loosing sales) and to cut non depreciable costs by 30% vs previous project.

RVA/NVA analysis:
- on total project capex,
- on project lead time,
- and on the resources allocated to the project.
Implementation of a 1st work group at Top Management’s level:
- Definition of the strict requirements.
Implementation of a 2nd work group with project players:
- Definition of technical targets and the action plans.
Robust project management with strong involvement of all hierarchical levels.

Full time SIRIS assistance during the 3 years of the project.

Results :
Savings on capex = -23% vs previous project.
Savings on non depreciable costs = -35% vs previous project.
Efficiency (SER) = 80% achieved 6 months after the start-up,
Vs previous benchmark = 70% in 1 year.

Our clients say about us
Ashley WAUGH CEO National Food Ltd (Australie)
“We all knew that our plant could perform better, but we were struggling to break the mould of our own thinking.  SIRIS has assisted us to challenge our thinking, to break the mould and to keep driving for improved efficiency, productivity and overall cost improvements.
Our initial results were encouraging, but we then hit a plateau, and once again, SIRIS have been instrumental in forcing our thinking beyond what we would have set as targets on our own.
We still have a long way to go on this journey, and SIRIS will remain our working partner assisting us to achieve breakthrough performance levels within our business.”
Challenger la stratégie de nos clients
SIRIS Chairman
“Disrupting & pushing our clients to the limits of their strategy is how SIRIS brings its real value.”
SIRIS Associate Director

“Even companies that are used to making a lot of investments are amazed to see how much savings can be done using SIRIS’s methodologies.
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