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We have been addressing industrial issues with global leaders for 17 years

Since 1990, SIRIS Partenaires has assisted leading companies in industry and service fields.

Based in 3 countries, SIRIS Partenaires works worldwide and is able to follow its clients in their global strategy.

Our strength : a capacity to identify and then achieve outstanding results.

More than 100 facilities visited every year over all continents for private equity companies
Les pays d’intervention de SIRIS en 2007 France - Espagne - Italie - Danemark - Suède - Slovaquie - Allemagne - UK - Pologne - Russie - USA - Canada - Mexique - Australie - Afrique du Sud - Chine - Malaisie - Taïwan - Iran
Results beyond expectations
SIRIS General Manager
"6 weeks instead of 6 months: this is the lead time we achieved to launch a new production line for the new "BADOIT" bottles; furthermore, we reached and maintained an 85% OEE whereas the standard efficiency was at 80 %."
SIRIS Consultant
“42 %: this is the result achieved in a project to reduce structure costs for a car company.”
SIRIS in the “Guide of Management Consulting firms”
“SIRIS Partenaires is a benchmark in its field: Industry.”
Jean Baptiste HUGOT
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